Cover photos

Cover photos for sale with an exclusive license to be published on book covers, promotional materials. Ask for prices and availability.

What cover photos we offer?

Handsome millionaires, seductive women, lovers

It has long been known that it is the cover of a book that attracts the reader, which is why it is so important to design it properly. Here you can find a wide selection of photos intended for the covers of romances, erotic novels and women’s literature. We provide thematic sessions tailored to current customer questions. Beloved bride and groom, romantic cowboys, beautifull cowgirls, handsome millionar, hot boy next door, you can find all these themes here. We organize photo sessions every month so we regularly add new photos.

Exclusive licence

Each photo can only be sold once to avoid the same photo appearing on different books. This gives you the confidence that your cover will be unique, one and only.


Here you will always find the current photo prices:
:: Photo with one model – 400€
:: Photo with a pair of models – 600€
:: Packages of 2/3/4 photos – 750€/800€/900€
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What if your favorite picture was already sold?

No problem! You just ask for other photos from the same photoshoot. We will send you thumbnails of photos of a similar nature. You can write email or contact with us on Facebook or Instagram.